1 This small piece, size 1.5” x 1.5” x 3”, of exotic black and white ebony wood arrived with a thin wax coating or End Grain Sealer on it.  Since the wax will inhibit the penetration of the wood stabilizer, it is gently scrapped off.


2 The moisture content is 13.4%, so the Wood Juice will be used.   Wood Juice is formulated to treat wood with a lower moisture content, generally below 20-23%. If your wood is fresh cut and has a higher moisture content, Pentacryl should be used.


3 Prior to treating, this piece weighed 3 5/8 ounces.


4 Since this exotic hardwood is difficult to penetrate, it will be soaked in Wood Juice (instead of brushed on).  Be sure to use a plastic or fiberglass container as metal containers will react with the Wood Juice and turn your wood dark.


5 Add just enough Wood Juice to cover the top.  To ensure full penetration in this hardwood, this piece was soaked for 3 weeks.  Soft woods require less soaking time – some just 1-3 days.  The key is to make sure the wood is completely saturated.


6 After the allotted soaking time, remove the wood and allow it to drain.



7 It is important that the wood dry slowly.  Put it in an area away from air movement, heat source and direct sunlight.  Drying the piece in a cardboard box with the top loosely closed is ideal.  This piece dried in the box for 12 weeks.


8 Wood Juice and Pentacryl displace the moisture in the wood and leave a thin layer on the wood cell walls. This prevents the cell from collapsing and shrinking, thus preventing cracking and checking.  Because the wood cells are coated, the wood will weigh slightly more after treatment.  This stabilized piece is now 4 ounces. The wood is now ready to be turned.   It can also be sanded, glued, stained and or finished (e.g. with a polyurethane).


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