wood-treatmentThose that work with wood products, whether it’s in a museum as part of a group restoring old artifacts or within the woodworking industry producing products for the home or commercial market, will know, that these products can degrade and lose both their aesthetic and structural quality. That’s why it’s important for those working with wood to use a high performance wood stabilizer solution such as Pentacryl, in order to ensure that their wood products remain in optimal condition. Now, one industry specialist is offering products including Pentacryl as well as a whole host of other superb products.

Preservation Solutions has become known within the wood and leather preservation field as one of the industry’s leading experts. They have over 35 years’ experience in the industry and as such have become a go-to solutions provider for a wide array of clientele. The company could not have achieved this type of longevity within the industry without high class solutions. And it’s the professional grade quality of each product offered by Preservation Solutions that keeps customers returning again and again to the company in order to meet their wood and leather preservation needs. One of the most important factors clients consider when choosing Preservation Solution is that the company’s products are each made from natural ingredients. This means that clientele don’t have to worry about chemical reactions that could cause their wood or leather products to degrade or suffer damage.

In terms of the company’s wood preservation products, this suite of solutions began with their work for State archeological specialists in Maine and Maryland, where they worked to preserve early American artifacts including a water logged dugout canoe and a large number of Indian stakes. This work then progressed into research on the latest wood preservation products in the industry, research that has helped the company form an outstanding catalogue of wood treatment solutions.

Pentaryl – 1 Quart (32 oz.)For those that are searching for a wood stabilizer that will prevent green wood from cracking, checking or splitting during the drying stage of wood processing, Preservation Solutions’ Pentacryl product is considered to be the industry leading solution. In addition, by immersing unseasoned wood in this solution for the recommended period of time, clientele will see a 90% overall reduction in checking and cracking and a 30% reduction in their drying time.

Unlike other wood stabilizer products on the market today, Pentacryl has been designed to prevent discoloration of the wood and will allow the wood to accept stains, glues and finishes. It won’t oxidize, decompose or migrate within the material when exposed to different degrees of temperature and humidity. For this reason it is ideal for use with a comprehensive array of wood finishing products and woodworkers will find that gluing and staining solutions can be seamlessly applied to Pentacryl-treated wood. One of the main benefits of using Pentacryl within the wood treatment process is that this outstanding product is designed to be used on many wood types including Eastern White Pine, Basswood, Tupelo, Walnut, Apple Wood, Hawthorne, Cherry, Rock Maple, Soft Maple, Ash, Modrone and Bamboo, and therefore offers excellent production flexibility for those woodworkers that build a wide range of products.

Your wood products can retain their peak condition by treating them with the industry’s best products. Trust Preservation Solutions to help you select the top solutions for your requirements and see the difference 35 years of industry understanding can make.

About Preservation Solutions

With over 35 years of industry experience at their core, Preservation Solutions is a leading provider of wood and leather treatment products. For more information, please go to www.preservation-solutions.com.