We have received many questions regarding the purpose and use of our End Grain Sealer. The End Grain Sealer is not to be confused with our Pentacryl or Wood Juice products. In fact, they can be used in conjunction with each other.

End Grain Sealer – 1 Quart (32 oz.)End Grain Sealer is a wax emulsion that is applied to the end grain of green wood or the face grain of turning blanks and/or carvings. It works by sealing the wood and preventing it from starting to dry in the areas where it is applied. Since the end grain of green wood is the first to start drying and dries much faster than the rest of the wood, the End Grain Sealer slows down and evens out the drying on the entire piece of wood.

The Pentacryl (formulated for green wood) and Wood Juice (formulated for semi-dry wood) are wood stabilizers. Unlike the End Grain Sealer, which just coats the surface of the wood, the Pentacryl and Wood Juice will penetrate all the way through the wood and leave a coating on the wood cells. Thus, as the wood dries, it will not shrink. This stabilizes the wood and reduces the cracking, checking and warping in the wood.

End Grain Sealer can also be used on wood treated with Pentacryl or Wood Juice. This is especially useful when treating larger pieces of wood such as logs, beams, timbers and cross-cut sections with diameter of 14 inches or higher that need to dry slowly.

By using the products together, you can ensure greater success of stabilizing your masterpiece.