Tips for Treating Mold on Wood

Occasionally, your wood may contract mold during the drying process or from being stored prior to stabilizing – especially when the humidity level is high in your area. This lodge pole pine cookie was wrapped in plastic a little too long prior to treating with Pentacryl and became moldy. Lysol Concentrate was added to the Pentacryl (1-2 capfuls per gallon of Pentacryl) while the wood soaked. The Pentacryl helped carry the Lysol into the wood and kill the mold spores.


Also, prior to drying, the surface of the wood can be lightly sprayed with Lysol before applying cardboard to the sides. This is especially helpful if drying in a damp area. If mold does form on the wood once the wood has dried, like this maple cookie, note that the mold spores are only on the surface and can be sanded off.