The extended hours of sunlight, more use. and the dryness of the warm air can take its toll on your leather articles. Summer is a great time for treating and caring for your leather. If you live in drier climates with lower humidity, you can treat your leather as often as every 4-6 weeks.

For a good leather care treatment regime, use our Leather Cleaner to remove the dust accumulated from open windows off your leather furniture. Then apply a generous coat of the Leather Saver to soften, protect and prevent further dryness. The Leather Saver conditioner also contains a UV protectant to prevent your leather from fading when exposed to sunny windows. This product will penetrate quickly and not darken the leather or leave the surface of your furniture feeling oily or tacky.

Saddle & Tack Conditioner – 16 oz.Clean and condition equestrian leather that has been stored away for the winter season by applying the Saddle & Tack Conditioner. It is formulated specifically for treating the thick leather on saddles, bridles, harnesses and other heavy leather items.

Remove dirt first with Leather Cleaner or if your items are heavily soiled, use our Leather Detergent (to remove grim and old waxes).

Top off your show saddles with our Leather Polish to create a soft shine.