• End Grain Sealer is a non-toxic wax emulsion that is applied to the end grain of green wood or the face grain of turning blanks or carvings. This product is beneficial when you want to slow down the drying of green wood, since the end grain dries much faster than the rest of the wood.
  • An environmentally safe product with no VOCs, Exterior Wood Sealer is developed for applying to wood that will be for outdoor use. It is strong enough to keep the wood stabilizers (Pentacryl, Wood Juice and Log & Beam Treatment) from leaching out in the weather, yet gentle enough to still allow the wood to breathe and continue to dry. For drum orders, please contact us at 303-642-3060 so we can arrange for shipping. Please scroll down to view drum order pricing for this product.
  • Preservation Solutions' Klucel G is a leather consolident used to treat leather that is starting to deteriorate or become powdery from “Red Rot”.  It creates a permanent flexible webbing which strengthens the leather and prevents the spread of "Red Rot".
  • Using Preservation Solutions' Leather Cleaner and proper care will help your leather last many years. Cleaning is the 1st step in leather care. Leather becomes worn and dull looking because dirt and dust clog the leather’s natural pores. Leather should be cleaned prior to conditioning so dirt is not rubbed into the leather.
  • Our Leather Detergent is a strong concentrated leather cleaner that will remove old conditioners that are laying on the surface, wax build up, deep down grime and dirt. It contains a softening agent to prevent the leather from drying stiff after cleaning.
  • Apply Leather Polish to your leather items to obtain a soft shiny finish. It will help to show off the natural grain in your leather. Leather Polish will dry quickly and not leave an oily feel.
  • Leather Rejuvenator is a strong leather conditioner developed for treating extremely dry or water damaged leather. Stiff, damaged and antique leather must be treated carefully using the correct products. Leather Rejuvenator is a conditioner that provides the essential oils lost in the leather over time due to use, the environment, heat and age.
  • As leather becomes dry from age and use, the oils need to be replaced. Leather Saver™ is a highly rated conditioner that will prolong the beauty and longevity of your leather. It contains a UV protectant to prevent fading from the sun’s damaging ultra violet rays. It is perfect for leather that is in good condition (no signs of deterioration), but just dry.
  • Log & Beam Treatment is specially formulated to slow the drying of logs, beams and timbers. It can be used on hand-hewn, milled and hand peeled logs and timber. Wood can be treated and dried inside new construction sites. Great for use on accent logs and beams, archways, columns, railings, stairs, etc. For drum orders, please contact us at 303-642-3060 so we can arrange for shipping. Please scroll down to view drum order pricing for this product.
  • Mitt Juice™ leather conditioner is a special product crafted just for treating leather baseball and softball gloves. It’s creamy formula will absorb deep into the heavy leather of gloves and mitts to hydrate, soften and preserve them.
  • Natural Leather Fragrance

    This natural leather fragrance is a spray that will enhance the aroma of leather items. It is popular for leather automobile interiors to create that new car smell. Leather Fragrance can also be used on furniture and leather garments.
  • Preservation Solutions Pine Fragrance is an excellent blend of fresh pine and balsam fir. Can be used on wood items, Christmas trees (both real and artificial), wreaths, table centerpieces or as a room freshener. This fragrance is made from real Pine and balsam fir.