Sometimes mother nature catches us (and our leather) off guard and the result is a splotchy water stained article. This leather bag had dried water stains from being caught in the rain:

unnamed (6)

unnamed (7)

To remove the stains, our Leather Cleaner was applied evenly to all areas with a soft, lint-free cloth.

unnamed (5)

Note that when wet with the cleaner, the leather will look darker, but will dry to the natural color.


This bag only required one application, however, if the water stains were still noticeable on the leather, a second application can be applied.

After cleaning and removing the water stains, a coat of Leather Saver conditioner can be applied to keep the leather soft.

unnamed (3)

Again, the leather will look “wet” when first applied, but will dry to the natural color without darkening or leaving the leather sticky.

unnamed (2)

The cleaned and conditioned bag:

unnamed (1)

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