Wood Treatment Products

Would you like to enjoy the benefits of working with green wood knowing that your efforts will not be wasted by cracking and checking?

With our wood stabilizers, your masterpiece will endure. Use Pentacryl on your freshly cut green wood or Wood Juice to stabilize wood with a lower moisture content.

Strengthen soft and punky wood with Polycryl or clean wood surfaces with Solvitol.

Not ready to work with your wood yet, but want to prevent it from drying? Or you need to slow down the drying on that large piece, try our End Grain Sealer.

Treat those large green logs, timbers and beams with our Log & Beam Treatment. It conditions and stabilizes the wood without forming a film.

For protecting outside wood, try the Exterior Wood Sealer. This will prevent wood treated with our wood stabilizer from leaching out while still allowing the wood to breathe.

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