Leather is similar to the skin on your body. Without proper care, leather will age becoming dry and cracked losing its softness and flexibility. It should be carefully cleaned using our Leather Cleaner or Leather Detergent to remove the dirt, dust and grime prior to conditioning.

Good leather care will help your leather to retain its beauty and softness while protecting it from the sun’s UV damage.

 Leather is unique in how it was tanned, how it is being used and the condition it is in. This is why we strongly believe in and are proud to offer different products specially formulated to treat different types of leather.
Safe Leather Care Products
Our products do not contain silicone, petroleum or sulphur, which can damage leather over time. All of our products are safe to use with little or no VOCs and no harmful fumes. We continue to be engaged in Research & Development to bring you other high quality products for your leather care needs.

Our Leather Saver is excellent for treating leather that is dry, but otherwise in good condition. For antique or fragile leather see Restoration Leather Conditioner or Leather Rejuvenator for leather that is showing extreme signs of deterioration (flaking or peeling). The Klucel G will stabilize red rot leather while our Saddle & Tack Conditioner is perfect for treating equestrian tack or other thicker leather.

For the sports player, our Mitt Juice is formulated specially for breaking in new baseball and softball gloves or re-hydrating old gloves.

Want to make your leather shine, try the Leather Polish. Use Suede Saver to condition your suede or nubuck items or make your leather items smell new with our Leather Fragrance.

  • Restoration Leather Conditioner

    Restoration Leather Conditioner

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    Preservation Solutions' Restoration Leather Conditioner is designed to soften fragile, brittle and difficult to penetrate leather. It does not contain water, so it can be used on leather where moisture should not be introduced, as moisture can promote further deterioration.
  • Leather Rejuvenator for Damaged Leather
    Leather Rejuvenator is a strong leather conditioner developed for treating extremely dry or water damaged leather. Stiff, damaged and antique leather must be treated carefully using the correct products. Leather Rejuvenator is a conditioner that provides the essential oils lost in the leather over time due to use, the environment, heat and age.
  • As leather becomes dry from age and use, the oils need to be replaced. Leather Saver™ is a highly rated conditioner that will prolong the beauty and longevity of your leather. It contains a UV protectant to prevent fading from the sun’s damaging ultra violet rays. It is perfect for leather that is in good condition (no signs of deterioration), but just dry.
  • Leather Cleaner

    Leather Cleaner

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    Using Preservation Solutions' Leather Cleaner and proper care will help your leather last many years. Cleaning is the 1st step in leather care. Leather becomes worn and dull looking because dirt and dust clog the leather’s natural pores. Leather should be cleaned prior to conditioning so dirt is not rubbed into the leather.
  • Klucel G Leather Stabilizer

    Klucel G Leather Stabilizer

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    Preservation Solutions' Klucel G is a leather consolident used to treat leather that is starting to deteriorate or become powdery from “Red Rot”.  It creates a permanent flexible webbing which strengthens the leather and prevents the spread of "Red Rot".
  • Natural Leather Fragrance

    Natural Leather Fragrance

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    This natural leather fragrance is a spray that will enhance the aroma of leather items. It is popular for leather automobile interiors to create that new car smell. Leather Fragrance can also be used on furniture and leather garments.
  • Our Saddle & Tack Conditioner is a rich conditioner developed specifically to treat and soften thicker leather. This makes it ideal for equestrian tack including saddles, harnesses, reins and other heavy leather items. It contains a UV protectant to prevent fading from exposure to sunlight.
  • Suede Saver Natural Conditioner
    A spray conditioner refined just for treating suede or nubuck items. It will soften and condition without leaving a heavy or oily feel making your items last longer. It is the perfect softener for garments, shoes, furniture, saddle seats and other suede or nubuck items.
  • Leather Detergent

    Leather Detergent

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    Our Leather Detergent is a strong concentrated leather cleaner that will remove old conditioners that are laying on the surface, wax build up, deep down grime and dirt. It contains a softening agent to prevent the leather from drying stiff after cleaning.
  • Leather Polish

    Leather Polish

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    Apply Leather Polish to your leather items to obtain a soft shiny finish. It will help to show off the natural grain in your leather. Leather Polish will dry quickly and not leave an oily feel.
  • Suede Brush

    Suede Brush

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    Nubuck and suede leathers are prone to scuffing or becoming flattened. After applying Suede SaverTM conditioner, use the suede brush to restore and raise the nap. This brush, with its soft copper bristles, will also help loosen and remove dirt.
  • Designed to repel water (moisture) and mud on leather, nubuck and fabric items while still allowing the items to breathe. The easy to use Water Repellent will dry quickly while not darkening the leather or fabric and will not leave it oily or sticky. It does not contain waxes, silicones or petroleum products.