Everybody wants their leather furniture to offer the ultimate in terms of comfort and beauty. But achieving that soft, comfortable feel that brand new leather provides can be difficult with older furniture that has been left untreated for years. Now however, one company is offering a range of unique leather softener solutions to their clientele across the globe, solutions that will bring back that comfort-fit feeling to any leather furniture product.

Preservation Solutions are industry leading specialists within the field of leather care. Clients trust the products offered within the Preservation Solutions catalogue because the company is known industry-wide for utilizing only the finest raw materials available on the market today. Many people ask what makes Preservation Solutions leather products one of the leading brands. The answer can be found within the company’s production process.

The oils within the company’s leather softener and treatment products are first oxidized to eliminate darkening. They are then processed twice to remove all double bonds which are known to cause acid deterioration within the leather and give the oil an anionic charge which prevents it from leaching out into the leather during processing. This anionic charge also keeps the oil in the leather from washing out if used on garments in the outdoors. At this point the oils are then stratified in order to remove any remaining natural salts. And the final step within this complex production process involves buffering the oils to ensure that they provide the leather with durability and protection over the long term.

Another reason that so many people trust the leather softener and treatment products such as Leather Saver, offered by Preservation Solutions, is that the company prides itself on not including sulphur within its production process. Sulphur has been found to cause rotting of stitching on leather items such as saddles, book bindings and handbags. This is a large issue within the leather treatment industry because many companies do utilize sulfated oils, which can create an acid build-up in the leather no matter to what extent the product has been buffered during the treatment process. Other companies have been found to use neutral oils, which can leave the leather looking dark and oily, whereas Preservation Solutions’ products are specifically designed to help clientele ensure that their leather products remain in immaculate condition over the long term.

In addition to their experience within the field of leather treatment, this Golden, Colorado based company also has the requisite expertise to help customers to handle their unique wood treatment requirements. In fact, the company is so well respected in this field that they were chosen by governmental agencies in the States of Maine and Maryland to help preserve ancient Indian artifacts that had been recently dug up. This work has provided the company with the drive to move forward with their exquisite line of wood treatment solutions, which include every type of product required for wood product stabilization and preservation.

To find out more about Preservation Solutions and their superb line of wood and leather treatment solutions, contact their in-house team today.

About Preservation Solutions

With over 35 years of industry experience at their core, Preservation Solutions is a leading provider of wood and leather treatment products. For more information, please go to www.preservation-solutions.com.