Pentacryl Tips

Stabilizing Green Wood

Pentacryl drum

Using Pentacryl Green Wood Stabilizer on your End of Year Projects?

Follow the helpful tips below to better use Pentacryl for stabilizing wood.

Why Pentacryl

Why Pentacryl

Wood cookies being 100% end grain (which dries quickly) and containing lots of stress (especially this oak one that is 30″ in diameter) will start to crack right away.

Use Pentacryl

Assembly Line

It is easy to treat many large cookies at the same time with Pentacryl when using the brushing method. You just need the space, a paint brush and 2 pieces of large plastic.

Pentacryl Wood Cookies

Saturation Clue

When using the brushing method to apply Pentacryl, you will see it start to come out the bottom when it is saturated.

Pentacryl Drying Slowly

Dry Slowly

Large Pentacryl treated elm and walnut wood rounds (cookies) drying in a basement. Even though Pentacryl speeds the drying by approx. 30%, your wood still needs to dry slowly.

These cookies have been covered with cardboard or End Grain Sealer to slow the drying. They are also standing on end so the wood will dry evenly on both sides.

Bugs in Wood

Bugging Out

If your wood has unwanted friends (insects), we recommend treating it with Bora Care prior to using Pentacryl or Wood Juice. This is a safe product that will eliminate the bugs and also acts a fungicide.

Green Wood Stabilizer

Timing is Everything

Q: When should you treat your wood with Pentacryl or Wood Juice?

A: Immediately after the wood is cut. Pentacryl and Wood Juice work by displacing the moisture in the wood, so the sooner you can apply the product, the better chances you will have of stabilizing your wood.

If you are unable to treat it right away, wrap with plastic as advised below.

Woodworkers Pentacryl

Plastic Trick

If you have already cut your piece(s) of green wood and do not have a chance to treat them right away (or you are waiting on your delivery of Pentacryl), we recommend you lightly wet the wood surface down with water and wrap in plastic.

This will prevent the wood from starting to dry too soon. However, to avoid mold growth, do not leave the wood in plastic for more than 4-6 days.

End Grain Sealer & Pentacryl

Add End Grain Sealer

End Grain Sealer also being applied to this 22 inch elm cookie that was treated with Pentacryl. This will help slow the drying of these “tricky to stabilize” cuts.

Moisture Check

Moisture Check

During the drying stage, a moisture meter can be used on Pentacryl treated and Wood Juice treated wood. Neither product will affect the reading.