October News & Tips

Prepping for Winter:

Protecting Your Outdoor Wood with Exterior Wood Sealer 

Autumn: the air gets cooler, the days get shorter, and we begin to ready our homes for winter. We store away the air conditioners, put in the storm windows, pull out the rakes, fold up the lawn furniture. But what about that exterior wood that will stay outdoors? The picnic table, bench, wood swing, children’s play set? This is the perfect time of year to easily protect those favorite wooden pieces, preserving them for another great summer next year.

Protect Your Swingset

Protect Your Bench

Exterior Wood Sealer

Our Exterior Wood Sealer is environmentally safe, and was specially developed to seal the wood to protect it from the elements.  It brushes on clear, and contains a UV protectant to help prevent sun fading and keep your wood looking new.

Easy to use:

  • Apply with paint brush or sprayer
  • No toxic fumes (safe & environmentally friendly)
  • Easy clean up with soap and water

Click here for full Exterior Wood Sealer directions.

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Customer Showcase

Rustic New England Mantle:

Mantle treated with Pentacryl

This beautiful hand hewn white pine fireplace mantel was treated with Pentacryl in 2009. It still looks bright, and most importantly “crack free” hanging in this New England mountain side ski house.

Wood Mantle Stone Fireplace

Share your customer story! If you have a wood or leather project that you would like to share, please email us pictures of the item along with your contact information.

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Customer Story

Williams College Tree

Giant Wood “Cookies” – How the Williams College team preserved these massive wood rounds. 

Winter Prep:

Your Car’s Leather Interior

Salt, snow, wear & tear – our cars’ exteriors are equipped for the winter weather, but leather interiors want nothing to do with ice and snow. Keep your leather seats protected, soft, and supple, with Leather Saver, our ultimate leather conditioner.

Leather Saver Car Interior

Leather Saver prevents cracking and premature aging by restoring essential oils that are good for the leather. It penetrates quickly and deep into the leather to form a bond with the fibers preventing it from washing out or migrating. This keeps the leather from breaking and tearing with all that winter use.
Leather Saver won’t darken or stain the leather, and dries quickly. Easy to use: Click here for directions
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Drum Orders

Many of our products are available in 32 ounce, 1 gallon, and 5 gallon size on our website. 

For 30 gallon and 55 gallon drum orders, please contact us (303) 642-3060 so we can arrange for shipping.

Contact us at: 

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