New Year, New Website

At the end of 2014 we were happy to unveil a new redesign of our website,

Our old site worked well for taking orders, but the navigation was sometimes confusing, and it was in need of an update, as loading time was too slow. Most importantly, our waterlogged wood preservation information was not on the site.

With the redesign, we wanted the site to load fast, feel light, clean, and to focus on our products. The simplicity and brightness of the design reflects our mission to provide safe, non-toxic solutions for wood and leather preservation and restoration.

Another important change was that we wanted to make sure that our valued customers could more easily find what they were looking for, and that there were additional resources like detailed directions, case studies, and guides to help them determine which products they need and how to use them.

Our New Site Design:

Take a tour of the new site, and please send us feedback! Did you find everything you were looking for? Did you find the case studies about Waterlogged Wood Preservation informative and useful?  Did you visit our Store and find the products you trust there?

Thank you for visiting and for your support as we look forward to a bright 2015!

The Preservation Solutions team

Customer Showcase

Also new to our newsletters is the addition of a customer showcase.  If you have a wood or leather project that you would like to share, please email us pictures of the item along with your contact information.

Tables by Tom Vokac:

Tables by Tom Vokac. All made using Pentacryl with wood from Tom’s backyard.

III Box Elder on Box Elder

VI  Elm
II Ash on Box Elder
V Elm on Box Elder
IV Box Elder on Box Elder
V Elm on Box Elder
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Drum Orders

Many of our products are available in 32 ounce, 1 gallon, and 5 gallon size on our website. 

For 30 gallon and 55 gallon drum orders, please contact us (303) 642-3060 so we can arrange for shipping.


How long will it take wood to dry after using Pentacryl?

 There are 2 key factors to using Pentacryl successfully:

1. Completely saturate the wood with Pentacryl
2. Dry the wood slowly