Leather Rejuvenator:

When to Use this Leather Conditioner

Yes, Preservation Solutions offers several types of leather conditioners.  It can be confusing knowing which one to use.  When deciding, the first question we always ask our customers is: “What type of condition is your leather in?”  This will dictate which product you need.  See, each piece of leather is unique in how it was originally tanned and how it has been treated over the years.  So that means a product should be used to meet the needs of your particular piece of leather.   Because each leather article is different, there is no “catch all” conditioner that can be used across the board.

Our Leather Rejuvenator conditioner is specifically formulated to treat leather that is in “tuff” shape.  Examples would be leather that is extremely dry, stiff, hard, and not flexible, or leather that is heavily damaged due to water, extreme cold or extreme heat.

Leather Rejuvenator will replace the oils in the leather that have been lost over the years due to environmental factors, or from poor tanning.  This means many antique leather articles can be restored to their original suppleness.

There is a point when leather has been “cooked”, meaning that it has reached high temperatures beyond what it can handle, and the oils have hardened.  When this happens, the Leather Rejuvenator will help, but the leather may remain stiff.


This late 18th century leather shoe was excavated from a sunken river boat and was treated with Leather Rejuvenator. After 2 applications, the hard, stiff leather was restored to soft and suppleness.

Shot Pouch

Leather Rejuvenator was used to restore the oils lost in the leather from this antique shot pouch.

Leather Rejuvenator is safe for the leather as it does not contain silicone, neatsfoote oil, sulphur or petroleum products which will harm the leather over time.  This makes it popular with museums and restoration specialists.  Of course, this product is too strong to use as a regular conditioner for dry items that are in good condition – such as furniture, car seats or leather garments – so, use our Leather Saver for these items.