“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how impressed I am with your products!!  A saddle I purchased from eBay arrived the same day your products did.  I knew that the saddle was arriving in pretty sad condition, and I was super lucky to find substantial information about your products online.  For nearly two decades I’ve been loyal to products produced or endorsed by French saddle makers.  Having restored some saddles in the past with those products, for this new saddle, I knew I needed something that could produce some miracles.  Preservation Solutions’ Leather Rejuvenator totally delivered!!

I followed the directions as best I could.  Being in the high desert, I could not create the ideal humidity level, but the first treatment has the saddle-jerky on its way to being healthy, soft leather again!  I’m so thrilled!!  I thought it was beyond salvation.  There some very small cracks in the leather that are all the way through, but hopefully these treatments will curb further deterioration, which will enable this particular saddle to be serviceable for at least a few more years.
Thank you for the fine products and support.  I’ll certainly be ordering more products throughout the next several months to replace the other products I have from other companies.”
-Carrie, Preservation Solutions Customer