Safe Leather Care Products

Leather is similar to the skin on your body. Without proper care, leather will age becoming dry and cracked losing its softness and flexibility. It should be carefully cleaned using our Leather Cleaner or Leather Detergent to remove the dirt, dust and grime prior to conditioning.

Good leather care will help your leather to retain its beauty and softness while protecting it from the sun’s UV damage.

 Leather is unique in how it was tanned, how it is being used and the condition it is in. This is why we strongly believe in and are proud to offer different products specially formulated to treat different types of leather.

Our products do not contain silicone, petroleum or sulphur, which can damage leather over time. All of our products are safe to use with little or no VOCs and no harmful fumes. We continue to be engaged in Research & Development to bring you other high quality products for your leather care needs.