Both products are wood stabilizers. However, they are each formulated differently. PENTACRYL was developed to treat green or freshly cut wood. The wetter the wood, the better PENTACRYL will work.

Wood Juice is formulated to treat dryer wood with a lower moisture content. It is developed to compensate for the difference in the moisture content of the wood.

When to use Wood Juice:

  • Low Moisture ContentA general rule is to use Wood Juice if the moisture content in the wood is less than 30%.
  • Naturally Stable Wood:Wood Juice can be used on some green wood that is stable by itself such as Basswood.
  • Thin Cuts of Wood: Turned wood that has thin walls (such as bowls), wood that is carved thin or wood that is cut thin (such as veneer) is good for Wood Juice since much of the tension is relieved in these cuts.
  • Small Pieces: Wood Juice can be used on small pieces of dry or green wood, such as Fruitwoods. Again, small, thinner pieces have less tension.
  • Older Wood: Use Wood Juice on older wood that is dry and you would like to condition and rejuvenate it.