There is not a specific answer to drying time. Drying time differs depending on the temperature, relative humidity, type of wood and its thickness. If the piece is a turning that is thin, then it may be dry enough to finish in 1-3 months. If the piece is a carving that is large, it may take 1-3 years to completely dry. Note that the wood must be dried slowly in an unheated area away from direct sunlight and any air movement. To help slow the drying time, wood can be covered with a cardboard box (leave a gap on the bottom to allow air to still reach the wood).

By displacing moisture in the wood, Pentacryl does help to speed the drying process by up to 30%

To help determine if the wood is dry, a moisture meter can be used (Pentacryl will not effect the reading). Keep in mind a moisture meter will only read the moisture content of the wood surface and is not a good indicator for measuring large pieces.