For the woodworker working with green logs, you often find it difficult to dry these large pieces without cracking or having them split open. It doesn’t seem to matter what type of wood it is. Often times, the wood is cut into slabs and dried that way, this will relieve some of the tension. However, there are times when you want to work with the log as a whole. In this case, we recommend using one of our wood stabilizers.

Pentacryl is the green wood stabilizer and works successfully on slab wood cut from logs as well as turning blanks, cross-cut sections and carving wood.

Wood Juice is a stabilizer formulated to treat drier wood pieces containing a lower moisture content.

For larger logs left in the whole, we recommend applying Log & Beam Treatment. This product will condition the wood, displace the moisture (water) while still allowing the piece to dry from within. Although Pentacryl can be and is used on logs with a smaller diameter, the Log & Beam Treatment is formulated for treating larger pieces.

The key is to still dry all these green pieces slowly and evenly. The wood stabilizers will speed up the drying by approximately 25% – 35%. The wood should be stored in an area away from direct air movement, heat source, wind, sunlight, etc. A basement or unheated shop area is ideal.

For large logs and timbers, we also recommend painting the ends with an End Grain Sealer. This can be used on wood treated with a wood stabilizer and it will slow down and help to even out the drying of the wood.