Christmas and Holiday Wood Project

A great DIY wood project for your daughter when COVID brings her home from college too early.  This was a nice distraction for Kate to work on at home in between on-line classes and spending time with her parents (wink, wink).

Luckily, our 2019 Christmas tree was still buried behind the house in the Colorado spring snow.  The snow and colder temperatures “preserved” the tree and kept it from drying out.  Kate also had plenty of Pentacryl available to treat the wood slices (aka wood cookies) she made from the tree to prevent them from cracking.

Getting help from Dad and Papa Tom with cutting the tree into wood cookies.

Removing the wood cookies from the Pentacryl soak.













How Pentacryl Works

Fresh cut, or “green” wood cookies are prone to cracking and splitting as they dry, even these small 4″ diameter ones.  This is because they are 100% end grain on both sides, which dries super fast.  Pentacryl stabilizes the wood to prevent this cracking and splitting. It is applied by brushing on or soaking the wood in Pentacryl.   The treated and dried wood can also be sanded, stained, glued, wood burned and/or finished (a sealer applied). Kate did not apply a finish or sealer over the wood, as she wanted the natural look, but one can easily be used.  We recommend using an oil or alcohol based finish as water-based products add moisture back into the wood and can leave the surface tacky.

A bonus in addition to stabilizing the wood, Pentacryl also keeps the wood cookies looking clean and bright.  This helps to enhance the pretty grain in these pine pieces.

Kate was able to make a holiday ornament for each of her 9 grandparents (yes, she’s really blessed with 9!).  A great 2020 keepsake and a reminder of what’s really important in these changing times.

Pentacryl is available from our Preservation Solutions website or Amazon in several sizes to accommodate your DIY rustic wood crafts: 32 oz quart, 1 or 5 gallon containers.