When working with and drying green wood, you will realize that there are different stages of wetness.  Pentacryl and Wood Juice are both wood stabilizers.  However, Pentacryl is formulated to treat wood that has a high moisture content (fresh cut), generally above 25%.

Do not be fooled by large pieces of wood, trees or logs that have fallen or been cut for a while.  A 1-2 year old fallen or dead standing tree may still have a high moisture content on the inside when it is cut.

For these pieces of wood, we recommend using Pentacryl.  It is a large molecular polymer that works best on penetrating wet wood.

Wood Juice on the other hand, is formulated to penetrate and treat drier wood, typically with a moisture content below 20-23%.  It will stabilize the wood to prevent future cracking as well as condition the wood.  This is good on wood that is semi-dry.

As always, with either product you use, be sure to completely saturate the wood and then let it dry slowly and naturally.