“Hi, I am working to preserve several pieces of leather.  I have purchased your Leather Rejuvenator and Klucel G products and both work very well.  I am also going to purchase the Leather Saver but wanted to know if it leaves a finish on the leather like Saddle Soap does (i.e., a wax type sheen).”

“Also, I wanted to know if it helps to provide a barrier to the leather to seal in the moisture as I have read that moisture loss is a major cause of leather deterioration.  I also use Renaissance Wax in a lot of what I do and have read that it is very good on leather.  I am hesitant to use it though as I am concerned that if I use it, then a leather conditioner will no longer penetrate the layer of Renaissance Wax.”

“Do you have any advice regarding this?” – David

Preservation Solutions Answer

“David, we are glad to hear you like our products.  The Leather Saver does not leave a finish on the leather.  In fact, it is hardly noticeable once it has dried into the leather.  The loss of moisture from leather is not what causes leather to deteriorate.  Conditioners like Saddle Soap are made with glycerin, which is a humectant.  Humectants retain moisture and therefore keep the leather soft.  However, retaining moisture is not a good thing.  It can cause mold and mildew to grow, and hydrolyze any residual acids in the leather which can cause deterioration.”

“There are several causes for leather to become stiff:

  • Evaporation of the oils,
  • Hardening of the oils, or
  • The leather was exposed to high temperatures beyond what the tannage of the leather could handle.

Leather Saver does not cause acid, will not retain moisture, does not evaporate or harden in the leather.  It should penetrate through leather that has Renaissance Wax on it.  If you have any concerns you can first remove the wax by wiping down the leather surface with the Restoration Leather Conditioner”.