We are proud to offer safe products for raw green wood, waterlogged treatment and leather care that are safe for the user and safe for the wood and leather items being treated.  All our products are made with care in the United States and shipped globally.

We provide high quality products that are safe enough to be used by museums and restoration specialists worldwide to treat wooden and leather artifacts. Extensive research and testing is performed when developing new products. We make sure each product is quality control tested prior to being shipped. All of our products are proudly displayed in clear packaging.

The Best Leather Care Products Available

leather careWe understand that you have many options when it comes to choosing products for your leather care needs. Preservation Solutions offers new age products for old age leather restoration and everyday leather care.  Our Leather Rejuvenator and Restoration Leather Conditioner are popular with museums to use on antique leather artifacts, or collectors wanting to restore WWII bomber jackets.  Our Leather Saver is the highly rated everyday conditioner for furniture, automobile seats, leather garments and purses, etc.  While Saddle & Tack Conditioner is the perfect rich formula for the heavy equestrian leather items.  The Leather Cleaner can be used on all items (in good condition) to remove the dust, dirt and light stains prior to conditioning.

Our leather treatments are made from the finest raw materials available. The oils are first oxidized to eliminate darkening and processed twice to remove any double bonds, which can cause acid deterioration. Our processing gives the oil a hydrogen bond, which prevents it from leaching out or migrating in the leather. The oils are then stratified to remove any remaining natural salts. Finally, we buffer the oils by a special process to insure lasting life and protection to the leather.

The solvents we use do not contain sulphur, which can cause rotting of stitching, they are also a very high flash point. The oils are pH balanced. Our products do not contain glycerin, which can leave the leather sticky and cause mold growth under humid conditions. Nor do they contain sulphated oil which can cause hydrolyzation which in turn causes acid rot. Each of our products is unique and formulated differently. We do not believe in combining cleaners and conditioners, these are two very different products that are not compatible. When mixing a surfactant with conditioning oils you will get separation making both products ineffective. Since not all leather is tanned the same or in the same condition, we also do not believe in offering one product for all leather. Each of our leather conditioners is formulated specifically to treat the many different types and condition of leather.

Professional Wood Treatment Products

wood treatmentWe are excited to offer our customers a comprehensive line of safe wood treatments. Whether you are looking for a wood stabilizer, a wood fortifier, a wood cleaner, an end grain sealer or even a pine smell, we have the products you need. We can guide you on the treatment of small pen blanks, up to large cross-cut sections and heavy logs and timbers. We have tested, worked with and are familiar with many species of wood. Our popular Pentacryl™ wood stabilizer product is used by woodworkers world wide to stabilize green wood. Our Log and Beam Treatment, specially formulated to slow the drying of logs, beams and timbers is ideal for treating log furniture, log cabins and timber frame homes. Our SP-11 Waterlogged Wood Treatment is popular with archaeologists and conservationists world wide.  All of our wood products are also made from the highest quality raw materials and do not emit any harmful fumes or toxic odors. We enjoy working with and guiding carvers, turners, furniture makers, archeologists, the construction trades and the general wood hobbyist on their projects.