Although it sounds like a good idea and an easy way to maintain your leather in one step, using a combined cleaner and conditioner is not such a good idea.

Leather cleaners contain surfactants for lifting and removing dirt while leather conditioners contain natural oils and proteins to hydrate the leather. Often times, these 2 products are not compatible (they will separate). This makes them both less effective when used together.

Preservation Solutions believes in offering separate and unique products for cleaning and conditioning. Our Leather cleaner is a gentle surface cleaner that will remove dust, dirt and light stains. While our Leather Detergent Concentrate is formulated to “wash” and clean heavily soiled, oil soaked or grimy leather. It is a stronger cleaner for dirtier leather and popular for equestrian leather such as saddles, breast collars and harnesses. Also popular for removing road dirt from motorcycle seats and saddle bags. These products are to be used prior to conditioning so that the dirt is not rubbed into the leather.

Once the leather is clean, it should be hydrated with a leather conditioner. The condition of the leather will determine the type of conditioner to be used. If the leather is just dry with no signs of deterioration (flaking or peeling), the Leather Saver is used for furniture, car seats, garments and hand bags. Saddle and Tack Conditioner is used on thicker leather items such as saddles, equestrian tack, chaps, saddle bags, belts, boots and/or shoes.

For leather items that are in fragile condition, we recommend using the Restoration Leather Conditioner. This will gently soften brittle leather and prevent further deterioration. The Leather Rejuvenator is formulated to treat hard, stiff leather. It will replace oils lost in the leather over time.