Elm Tree Table Treated with Pentacryl

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A customer story: from Neil in Detroit, MI In the summer of 2012, a large Elm tree was cut down. I asked the tree crew to cut a slice (about 50" diam and 5" thick) at the very base just because it looked interesting. Then I investigated several methods of preservation (PEG, etc.) and discovered [...]

Wood Juice on Silver Maple Rough Turned Very Dry Bowl Blank

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I was fighting a Silver Maple piece of rough turned very dry bowl blank and decided to give Wood Juice a try on that piece. I painted it on the wood with a brush and watched the stuff wick through the bowl on the end grain sections. I painted it on until the bowl would not accept [...]

Pentacryl on a Dried & Cracked Hickory Bowl

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I bought a quart of Pentacryl and used it on a hickory bowl that I had turned and set aside to dry in several paper grocery bags. The bowl distorted and cracked and I was about to discard it when remembered reading about Pentacryl on a blog posting. I used it on the bowl and [...]