Green Wood Stabilizer: American Woodworker Review

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Green Wood Stabilizer American Woodworker, April, 2000 I like turning bowls from green wood. I go out to the back 40, cut myself a sizable chunk of wood and go to it. What I don't like is when the finished product cracks so badly I can see through it. Pentacryl, from Preservation Solutions, is the [...]

Seal Green Wood to Stop Splitting

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WORKBENCH Magazine April 2005, Questions & Answer Section Q: I want to seal the ends of some green wood to prevent it from swelling, shrinking, and splitting. I've heard of a product called PEG that can do this. What is it, and where can I buy it? A: Wood cracks because the fibers shrink as they [...]

Pentacryl: the Wood Stabilizer that Prevents Cracks

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Question: A recent storm left a large tree limb in our yard. I'd like to slice cross sections for plaques and trivets. How do I keep the slices from splitting as they dry? Answer: Pentacryl wood preservative is an excellent product made for this very purpose. A slice of wood will always split because, as [...]

Case Study: Pentacryl Reduces Turned Bowl Losses to Less than 1%

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Prior to November of 2001, a premier bowl turner from Canada had a loss rate as high as 25% when turning burls and water recovered hardwood into bowls. Don Thur of Knots & Burls to Bowls had experimented with a number of methods from Anchorseal, paint, and WD-40 to keep his green wood from cracking, [...]

Woodworker’s Journal: Pentacryl

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Woodworker's Journal, October, 2005 By Michael Dresdner After combing the woods, you’ve found the perfect block or burl for the turning or carving of your dreams. Now, if you can only coax it to dry without cracking… That is where Dale and Beverly Knobloch come in. They own and run Preservation Solutions, the company that [...]