Pentacryl Tips

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Pentacryl Tips Stabilizing Green Wood Using Pentacryl Green Wood Stabilizer on your End of Year Projects? Follow the helpful tips below to better use Pentacryl for stabilizing wood. Why Pentacryl Wood cookies being 100% end grain (which dries quickly) and containing lots of stress (especially this oak one that is 30" in diameter) will start [...]

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Pinterest Favorites: Wood Slices or “Cookies”

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We love all of the Wood Slices projects that we've been finding on Pinterest. From Buttons to Garden Paths, Table Tops to Coasters, Wedding Decor to Holiday Ornaments, Wood Slices - or Wood "Cookies" - are very popular for crafting right now. Add a touch of the outdoors to your table, some country rustic decor [...]

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Preserving Wood Cookies for a Garden Path

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Springtime means the end of cabin fever and the start of outdoor projects.  Recently, we have received several inquiries about a popular "Do It Yourself" (DIY) outdoor project which involves using green (or fresh cut) wood slices (or "cookies") to make a garden path, outdoor walkway or patio. Although the idea is a marvelous one [...]

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All Things Pentacryl

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All Things Pentacryl FAQ's... You asked - We answer! A sampling of questions we receive every day about our popular PENTACRYL product. Pentacryl is a green wood stabilizer that prevents cracking and checking in fresh-cut wood as it dries.  Q: Does the odor of Pentacryl remain in the wood after the wood has dried? A: 95% of the odor [...]

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