Treating and Stabilizing Birch Wood

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Birch wood is a popular wood to work with and Pentacryl (or Wood Juice) will stabilize it effectively. Due to the soft bark, we have found that the birch wood absorbs Pentacryl into this area more readily than other types of wood. This extra absorption plus the lighter color, will leave the bark slightly darker. [...]

Beloved Williams College Campus Tree Preserved with Pentacryl

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When Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, had to remove a large fallen sugar maple tree from their campus grounds, they wanted a means to preserve the wood slices - or "wood cookies", for display. They chose to treat the large hewn cookies with Pentacryl, a wood stabilizer that will keep the wood from cracking or [...]

Pinterest Favorites: Wood Slices or “Cookies”

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We love all of the Wood Slices projects that we've been finding on Pinterest. From Buttons to Garden Paths, Table Tops to Coasters, Wedding Decor to Holiday Ornaments, Wood Slices - or Wood "Cookies" - are very popular for crafting right now. Add a touch of the outdoors to your table, some country rustic decor [...]

Elm Tree Table Treated with Pentacryl

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A customer story: from Neil in Detroit, MI In the summer of 2012, a large Elm tree was cut down. I asked the tree crew to cut a slice (about 50" diam and 5" thick) at the very base just because it looked interesting. Then I investigated several methods of preservation (PEG, etc.) and discovered [...]

Will the Bark Stay on my Wood?

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Many of us woodworkers have come across the perfect piece of green wood that has a beautiful ring of bark or natural edge of bark that we want keep intact. This is particularly popular with cross-cut sections, "cookies" or slabs. Preserving the bark on your wood can be a challenge. The best bet to ensure [...]