Saving a Leather Bound Book Printed in 1755

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"Just wanted to let you know that I received the leather care products here in Thailand the other day and they were everything you said they were. I put them to use on a book printed in 1755 and bound in full calf. The leather was in solid condition but cracking on the spine and [...]

150-Year-Old Canal Boots Leather Restoration

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This pair of boatman’s boots came from a sunken canal boat on the Dismal Swamp Canal of Virginia and North Carolina. They were found in river mud and were cut down to allow for easy removal.  They are most likely a pair of old mid-19th century Wellingtons, modified by the user. "Sometimes we just dry [...]

Leather Care: Treating Leather Motorcross Boots

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These well worn boots had not been cleaned or conditioned for many years. The surface had dried mud and was stiff. Here are some tips for treating leather boots: We started by using a soft cloth dampened with the Leather Cleaner. With just one application the dust and dirt was removed. The leather will appear [...]

Removing Water Stains on Leather

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Sometimes mother nature catches us (and our leather) off guard and the result is a splotchy water stained article. This leather bag had dried water stains from being caught in the rain: To remove the stains, our Leather Cleaner was applied evenly to all areas with a soft, lint-free cloth. Note that when wet with the cleaner, the [...]