October News & Tips

Prepping for Winter: Protecting Your Outdoor Wood with Exterior Wood Sealer  Autumn: the air gets cooler, the days get shorter, and we begin to ready our homes for winter. We store away the air conditioners, put in the storm windows, pull out the rakes, fold up the lawn furniture. But what about that exterior wood that [...]

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Beloved Williams College Campus Tree Preserved with Pentacryl

When Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, had to remove a large fallen sugar maple tree from their campus grounds, they wanted a means to preserve the wood slices - or "wood cookies", for display. They chose to treat the large hewn cookies with Pentacryl, a wood stabilizer that will keep the wood from cracking or [...]

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Pinterest Favorites: Wood Slices or “Cookies”

We love all of the Wood Slices projects that we've been finding on Pinterest. From Buttons to Garden Paths, Table Tops to Coasters, Wedding Decor to Holiday Ornaments, Wood Slices - or Wood "Cookies" - are very popular for crafting right now. Add a touch of the outdoors to your table, some country rustic decor [...]

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Preserving Wood Cookies for a Garden Path

Springtime means the end of cabin fever and the start of outdoor projects.  Recently, we have received several inquiries about a popular "Do It Yourself" (DIY) outdoor project which involves using green (or fresh cut) wood slices (or "cookies") to make a garden path, outdoor walkway or patio. Although the idea is a marvelous one [...]

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Removing Water Stains on Leather

Sometimes mother nature catches us (and our leather) off guard and the result is a splotchy water stained article. This leather bag had dried water stains from being caught in the rain: To remove the stains, our Leather Cleaner was applied evenly to all areas with a soft, lint-free cloth. Note that when wet with the cleaner, the [...]

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