Before and After: Cole Haan Leather Shoes

A pair of designer dress shoes found at a local thrift store.


They were dirty and dry, so we first cleaned them by wiping all areas of the leather with the Leather Cleaner dampened on a soft cloth.



The laces were removed and the shoes allowed to air dry for several hours.


Leather Saver conditioner was then applied to the clean leather. This is a conditioner formulated to treat leather in good condition, but just dry.


Again, apply the product to all areas of the leather (inside and out). Allow to air dry overnight. If the leather still feels dry, a second coat can be applied.


To add a shine back to the leather, the Leather Polish was applied – again, using a soft, clean cloth.


The product will look milky white when applied.


Once dry, lightly buff the leather with a soft cloth to enhance the shine.


To protect the leather from rain and snow, a coat of Water Repellant was applied. Allow this to air dry overnight.


With a new pair of laces, the shoes are ready to go.


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