Do you Love Vintage and Antique Leather?

Try Restoration Leather Conditioner – Great for Treating Antique Leather and Leather Book Bindings 

For those who love vintage clothing and collecting old leather books, Restoration Leather Conditioner from Preservation Solutions can restore seriously dry, damaged and cracked leather goods. Buying used and vintage leather is great for saving on costs and also, receiving unique products that are no longer in circulation but many consumers do not want their leather to look as old as it really is. Restoration Leather Conditioner is the ideal solution that is safe, inexpensive and effective at returning leather to a like-new state and preserving it for many years to come.


Why Use Restoration Leather Conditioner?

  • Soften Difficult to Penetrate Leather

With age and lack of maintenance leather can become dry, cracked and brittle to the point that the average conditioner will not be effective for restoration. For vintage and antique leather products, especially items that have been stored for long periods of time, a leather conditioner that has been formulated specifically for old and damaged leather is the solution for penetrating items that the average conditioner can’t handle.

  • Does not Contain Water

Restoration Leather Conditioner does not contain water, so it can be used on leather where moisture should not be introduced, as moisture can promote further deterioration. This is extremely beneficial for books and other antique leather that may be an investment and where consumers are concerned about treating their old leather products out of fear of causing more harm than good. Restoration Leather Conditioner is designed to handle the toughest leather-made products so they can safely become useable once again.

  • Safe for Leather Goods

After using Preservation Solution’s Restoration Leather Conditioner the leather will dry light and soft and it will not darken. Restoration Leather Conditioner contains a high grade solvent with no sulfur content, making this product ideal for treating leather books. It will not harm the glue, stitching or book binding.

In addition to antique leather, Restoration Leather Conditioner is ideal for treating embossed leather as it will not swell the leather.

For anyone that is hesitant to buy used and old leather due to the fear that it will never be wearable or useable, Restoration Leather Conditioner is the affordable and effective product to use to rehydrate leather goods quickly, safely and affordably.