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Our Mission

Preservation Solutions is committed to providing outstanding quality products for the care and restoration of wood and leather. We do this by offering our customers the highest quality non-toxic solutions that are safe for them and the items they are treating.

The solvents we use do not contain sulphur, which can cause rotting of stitching. Many of the leather conditioners on the market use sulfated oils, which can build acid in the leather, no matter how much they are buffered. Other products are made from neutral oils which leave the leather oily and dark. Our products do not contain any sulphated oils which leave the leather sticky. Although it keeps the leather supple, it retains moisture which can cause hydrolyzation and mold growth under humid conditions.

We gladly offer free technical advice to those customers who need it. If you have questions as to which product to use or how to apply it to your leather items, contact us via email or phone: 303.642-3060.

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